How to rollback a database to a point in time?

Sometimes you might need returning the database to a point in time (e.g. a day or a month ago). You can do this on Google Drive and Dropbox (but not on OneDrive) by following this procedure:
  1. Turn off the cloud sync on all your devices and PCs
  2. Go to Google Drive or Dropbox in a browser
  3. Right-click SafeInCloud.db file and select Manage revisions (on Google Drive) or Previous revisions (on Dropbox)
  4. Click the required file version from the past and download it (on mobile copy it to the phone's SD card root)
  5. Then open SafeInCloud app and restore from the downloaded file via Settings > Backup/Restore (on Android) or Tools > Restore in the menu (on Desktop)
  6. Delete SafeInCloud.db file on the cloud
  7. Turn on the cloud sync again to restore SafeInCloud.db file on the cloud
  8. Erase data on other devices and restore them from the cloud

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