What's the difference between Family and Individual Pro licenses

Family Pro version (paid version)
The paid version of SafeInCloud app for iOS (it has a Pro badge on it's icon) has a complete functionality (see Pro features) right away. You purchase this version once and can install it on any number of your iOS devices. This version can be shared with up to 5 members of iCloud Family Sharing group. Here is a link to this version:

Individual Pro version (free version with in-app purchase)
The free version of SafeInCloud app for iOS has a complete functionality for first two weeks. Then you should make an in-app purchase to keep using the Pro features. After that purchase there are no differences in functionality between this version and the above paid version. This version can be used only under your Apple ID. Later you should always install the free version on your iOS devices. After installation press Go PRO at the toolbar, then Pricing button, and then press Restore purchase to reenable the Pro features:

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