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  1. Alternative download options for SafeInCloud

  2. Android Beta

  3. Chrome Extension Beta

  4. Do SafeInCloud extensions support multiple accounts for a single website?

  5. Does SafeInCloud support Windows XP?

  6. Error: Failed to find login and password for this page

  7. Error: SafeInCloud application is not running

  8. Error: This page does not have login and password input fields

  9. Family sharing on Android

  10. Family sharing on iOS

  11. Ho to import my passwords from another password manager?

  12. How can I setup Cloud Sync with my NAS?

  13. How does Fingerprint Login work?

  14. How to change SafeInCloud password?

  15. How to configure Dropbox cloud sync?

  16. How to delete a database from inside the app?

  17. How to rename and reorder card's fields?

  18. How to restore the default templates?

  19. How to rollback a database to a point in time?

  20. How to setup Cloud Sync on Mac

  21. How to setup Cloud sync on Windows

  22. How to share a database with another person?

  23. How to transfer my data to a new device or computer?

  24. How to upgrade to Windows 10 version?

  25. I forgot my password. How can I restore it?

  26. I have bought SafeInCloud for Android. Should I buy it again for iOS (and vice versa)?

  27. iOS Beta

  28. Is it important to have a strong password for SafeInCloud?

  29. Is there a portable version that needs no install?

  30. Is there a version for Chrome OS?

  31. Is there a version for Linux?

  32. Is there a version for Windows Phone?

  33. Mac Beta

  34. One-time passwords (TOTP)

  35. Quick Start Guide

  36. Website icons

  37. What are the Premium features in the Windows 10 version?

  38. What are the Pro features?

  39. What are the Pro features?

  40. What are those red exclamation signs in the card list?

  41. What encryption is used in SafeInCloud?

  42. What is the crack time for a password?

  43. What is the Password Mismatch error?

  44. What to do if an update from Mac App Store cannot be installed?

  45. What to do if Google Play Store or Apple App Store asks you to pay for the app again?

  46. What to do if I cannot configure the cloud sync?

  47. What to do if I have no rights to install apps on my PC?

  48. What to do if my data does not sync between devices?

  49. What to do if SafeInCloud crashes at startup?

  50. What to do if the sync "stuck" after the application update?

  51. What to do if the sync does not work on a device or a computer?

  52. What's the difference between Family and Individual Pro licenses

  53. What's the difference between Family and Individual Pro licenses

  54. Where is the cloud database located?

  55. Where is the local database stored?

  56. Where to install browser extensions from?

  57. Why can't I copy text from SafeInCloud?

  58. Why does the app ask to Go Pro again if I already purchased?

  59. Why Fingerprint Login is not working on my device?

  60. Why the fingerprint login does not work anymore on my Samsung device?

  61. Windows Beta

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